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For over 20 years, HiTech Merchant Services has been providing business owners, and senior finance and operational executives, with relevant and useful information about new technologies in the merchant services field. Starting in the 1980s, our CEO came to the realization that the world of commerce was in need of reliable, trustworthy money management services and solutions. Enter the creation of HiTech. Our goal has always been to establish a strong relationship of trust with our clients, and to become a hub of advice related to technology implementation and cost analysis. We offer every merchant a customized package that allows their business foundation to sit on solid ground while growing aggressively.

Being there for our clients, and working hard to foster those relationships, is what sets us apart from our competitors. We provide information – the right information – to decision makers, and help navigate the ever increasingly complex world of credit and debit card acceptance. This crucial information saves merchants from common pitfalls and business hiccups, to ensure that every business not only functions, but flourishes. Building better relationships between credit card giants and everyday merchants is what we’re all about.

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