Flexible eCommerce payment gateway takes your business to new heights

Do you have a business and a website, but don’t process payments online yet? No problem, there are many options out there for you. At HiTech, we can set you up in no time; we handle everything, with easy setup and easy integration. You can save $1000s a year on credit card processing and payment gateway charges.

Whether you are looking for a simple checkout page with multiple payment options, or to integrate payments directly into the user experience, we can help build up your online business and presence. In addition, Authorize.net, USAePay and Shopify integrate directly with Converge, a virtual terminal that lets you process transactions online.

Have a business that offers multiple currency options? We can help with that too. There are two options: MCC (multi-currency conversion) and DCC (dynamic currency conversion). With MCC, the currency conversion is done before payment. The customer selects the currency of their choice, and prices are displayed in that currency. When the transaction is completed, the customer is charged in their own currency, and this is the amount that appears on the credit card statement. With DCC, customers are given the option to pay in local currency, or in their own card’s currency. If their own card’s currency is chosen, the exchange rate is displayed at point of sale, and the conversion is carried out in real-time. In addition, DCC can only be carried out in a point of sale transaction where the card, the consumer and the merchant are present; while MCC is used in a card not present environment.

Whichever route you choose, we’re happy to help you make the right decision for your business.

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