Expand your payment services with custom offerings

Commerce SDK is a software development kit that accelerates and simplifies the whole process of implementing secure payment solutions. Essentially, an SDK lightens the workload of software developers. It includes comprehensive security components, including EMV and encryption, all in one fully integrated package.

Besides making the process easier, an SDK with Elavon integrates seamlessly with Converge. Now, you’re probably thinking it’s going to be a lot of work to get the hang of our SDK’s, but this is where you’re wrong. At HiTech, we have experience working with software developers and businesses alike. If you’re building an app, the SDK will make it easier for you to integrate Apple Pay payments directly into the mobile app. This means you can get your app to market much faster than if you built everything yourself. And if app’s aren’t your thing, Elavon’s commerce SDK also works with in-person payments. You now have more ways to pay with more devices. Process payments via Converge, and easily connect your POS system to any necessary hardware.