Use our payment gateway to power your apps

Move your app forward with HiTech’s custom integration. We offer semi-integration, API integration, and Commerce SDK offerings to take your mobile app or POS to the next level. Wouldn’t it be great to offer your clients the ability to take payments within the app or POS you have developed? We can help.

With semi-integration, you can integrate your POS with your electronic cash register and point of sale terminal. This is a big selling feature, as well as a big time saver, as the information gets pushed directly from the terminal into your software. Much like semi-integration, API integration is just more advanced. It takes software that you have developed, and uses Elavon’s Converge ecommerce payment gateway to pass the information straight to Elavon. This is a money-maker, as it allows for the automation of information from credit card transactions, such as authorization number and invoice number, to push directly into Converge. Now for those that want something more comprehensive, Commerce SDK is a software development kit that streamlines the whole process of implementing secure payment solutions. Essentially, it’s the starting point to your app accepting payments.

Our custom integration for software developers also supports tokenization, mobile payments and free customer support from us at HiTech.

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