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Elavon Now Offering Digital Payments for Hospitality Industry

Last month, Elavon announced that they are rolling out Converge Hospitality. Similar to already-existing Converge, Converge Hospitality eliminates the need for hotels to print and store paper copies of sensitive customer card data. Hotels can now generate an instant, electronic invoice through the Converge Hospitality system. Once the customer receives the digital invoice, they can pay online using a secure, Elavon-hosted payment page.

Previously, hotel guests had to call, fax or email a credit card authorization form that had their personal and card data on it. This type of system was not very secure, and left guests open to major security vulnerabilities. Converge Hospitality reduces the Payment Card Industry (PCI) digital standards scope by moving the payment process completely online for both the hotel and the customer. By making the transaction electronic, the chance for human error is also reduced.

Converge Hospitality is simple to use and is great for customers who call to arrange a payment for an event deposit, amenity such as a bouquet of flowers, or a payment to return an item left at the hotel.

Currently, digital billing and invoicing is only available in the United States.; coming soon to Canada.