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Instagram TV Presents a New Video Platform for Businesses

Instagram TV was just launched and is slated to replace YouTube as the new and best video platform available. Just like turning on the TV, IGTV plays as soon as the app opens. You have the option to play video from the people you follow on Instagram, check out what’s most popular, or watch video channels handpicked for you based on your preferences.

This new video platform is great for businesses who already have a presence on Instagram, as videos are no longer restricted to 1 min; videos on IGTV can now last up to one hour. Anyone is able to upload videos to the new IGTV section, which displays them full screen and vertically, the way people naturally hold their phones. There is a TV link within the Instagram app itself, but for those who do not currently have much of a presence on Instagram, no worries, IGTV is also a standalone app.

Where is all the money?

While Instagram has said that it’s not immediately paying for any content on the app, nor is it going to start with any advertising, eventually there will be a way for people making popular videos to monetize them. This means that anyone or anything can be famous, not just those who already have large audiences.

What does all of this mean for a business?

Videos are a powerful way to promote a brand and attract newer and different demographics. “Younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals,” Instagram said in a blog post.

Producing good quality, relevant videos is definitely worth the investment. Not only because everyone is doing it (see above), but because it is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools available. It can boost conversions and sales, produce a good ROI, and build trust with customers. Video marketing can also explain things in a way that regular content and descriptions cannot. It is great for any type of business, not just celebrities.

Don’t forget, Instagram is also owned by Facebook, so video-makers on IGTV will be able to choose to also post their content on Facebook Watch, which can help promote a business on that platform as well.

IGTV is definitely the new platform/app to watch and has already brought in $1.7 billion for Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Right now, a lot of the videos are still really short, but it was just released to the public yesterday. As people upload better original videos, the content will improve. IGTV will bring everyone closer to the things and people they love.