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Set Yourself Up for Success with the Right Tools: MerchantConnect

MerchantConnect is an online reporting tool where merchants like you can view credit card transactions that have been processed, and download all of your statements. The web-based solution provides streamlined and secure reporting.

The online support and reporting tool of Elavon’s network lets you view all of your important data and then export it to a spreadsheet for further analysis. For those with complex systems, MerchantConnect also provides hierarchical reporting and the ability to combine data from multiple locations. Those at the individual store can access reports of a single location, while corporate can view data from all locations.


  • 100% secure
  • Easy to use
  • Stay organized
  • Use it anytime, anywhere
  • Access daily transactions the next working day.
  • Download monthly statements

As a benefit, you can also subscribe to MerchantConnect Premium, which includes all of the above, plus:

  • Interchange qualification reports that summarize payments, classify qualification rates and provide detailed insight into why transactions are downgrading.
  • View batches of transactions grouped together by card type or batch reference number.
  • Find additional detailed information, such as authorization information and truncated card numbers.
  • Search feature that lets you search by credit card number, invoice number or other criteria.
  • Password protection and card data security features to safeguard sensitive cardholder information.

If you have not yet signed up for Merchant Connect, please contact us for more information about this and other card payment solutions – info@hitechmerchants.ca.

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